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How to get my first order on Fiverr?

Hello Everybody, I am a new student of Computer and I am felling funny to say that I am also a new user on fiverr. I have already created a Gig. But I don’t know that “How to get a first order”. Can anybody help me?


Check this out for how to get orders:


What I have learnt from Fiverr is that always keep staying online then always use and finish your 10 buyer request daily and wisely.
I wish this helps you.

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youtube is the best way to solve your problem

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you are right. I am watching the videos about Fivver :blush:

yes you are r8. you are right. I am watching the videos about Fivver :blush:

Hi, anasanwar98! please try to gigs marketing in different landing pages, social pages for social click.

Welcome… Fiverr is a very good platform for learning, earning and much more…You are new on Fiverr you should have to create GIG’s with proper rules of fiverr…Send daily buyer’s request online minimum 15 hours…Install fiverr App on your mob and check fiverr account in every 30 minutes…


Thank you . Good advice

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All looks fine, but what if BR doesn’t appear in your list at all