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How to get my first order


hello i need help,i am new on this forum ,so please give me tips o get first order.


Hello Abdul,

Its look like you are longer available on fiverr. I try to open your profile but it’s redirect me to Fiverr Home page.

Anyway, best of luck for your fiverr business.


Cute Vamp


I guess he did something unethical, against the TOS. I’m pretty curious as to what he did so early to get kicked, but I guess my curiosity will never be sated.

Oh well!




hey, It is Good to be here
I am also new in fiverr going to a week now but no order yet place any advice


are you using Buyer Requests option?


Thank you Rajput
I dont know how
please can you put me through


Read academy :slight_smile:


Dear abdullahtabbas,

Use Buyer Request For Get your First Sale.