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How to get my first review, stuck in getting first sale. Is it my gig problem?

Hello, I just recently joined the fiverr site - 4 days to be precise. I have setup my fiverr gig which advertises my script coverage/analysis service but I haven’t got a lot of growth nor any orders :frowning: Am I doing anything wrong, is it saturated, do I need a review or am I stuck in a endless loop until I get a review : (

Here is my gig -

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Yea I’m waiting still, but I started advertising my gigs on my blogs and Quora. I seem to get allot of messages now. Hope your gig takes of soon.

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I would say you should really focus on sending of your offers.

This appears more at specific times of the day. Always aim at completing your offers and always try to pass something of value in your offers.

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