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How to get my first sale on Fiverr (Please Helpe)

Hello everyone, Ask those who are here are skilled? I opened an account here a few times and tried a lot of skills, but pity to say so far not received any orders. PSD-to-HTML is my gig. Please visit my gig and give me good advice.

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Best of luck!!!

there are lots of such gigs already on fiverr, so you’ll have to give the buyer a reason to buy the service from you (new seller) and not from level1 or 2.

You’ll have to provide more service than what other sellers are providing at that price point. I did the same, once you have 4-5 review with 5stars rating. then you can slightly go up with price.

This is what most of the new sellers (if not all) are doing to start their business with fiverr.

Good luck man.

imran_bl - I cannot view your Gig by clicking on your Profile Name.

Please contact Customer Service about this.

To see if your Gig is up and running, login, hover over your Username in the upper right, click Selling, then click My Gigs, then on the next page, on the far right, click the down arrow, and click on Preview.

If nothing comes up contact Customer Service as soon as you can.

He’s gone, dead, expired. Either he quit or he broke some basic rules.