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How to get my foot in the door?

Yes, yes, another newbie asking about how to improve their gigs. Let’s just get that out of the way. So getting down to business, I’ve been a member for about 2 months now and I haven’t gotten any orders yet. I’d like some feedback on how to improve my gigs?

I have read the tips/tricks on here, but they weren’t really helpful for me as they’re more face value and generic. I’ve tried applying to Buyers’ requests, though not many show very often. I’ve advertised on social media.

So I think I just need people to look at my gigs and give me more personal feedback. Like are my examples not good enough? Should I change how I have my gigs set up somehow? What exactly do I need to improve on and how do I improve it? I think you can find my gigs through my profile on here? Anyway I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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I like your work it is very cute. I’m not so keen on your third gig but art is subjective.

I’m not an expert in your field but my personal observation is that you are charging too much. I can appreciate the amount of work that probably goes into your comic book offering, however you need some reviews to be able to justify the prices you want to sell at. The answer to more sales is usually undercharging or creating some sort of $5 option for more views.

You need more examples in your portfolio. Maybe different comic book styles? Your last gig only has one picture but you have set your price at $50.

Maybe include some descriptive words about your style, for instance cute or manga in your description for search engine optimisation?

I see something like vector colouring/shading mentioned in a lot of profiles under standard / premium is this something you do?

Rather than say you do art in your bio, maybe say you are an artist? Personally I’d delete the bit about it being your only source of income. Maybe also change one of your animal people references to hybrid creatures for more search terms?

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Alright thanks, I made some changes to my gigs.

Unfortunately for my comic and slice of life gigs, it’s the first time I’m offering them specifically so I don’t have many examples to show right now. I’ll have to spend some time to make some more.

I don’t like to under-sell myself since that is a huge problem that artists face these days. TBH, I should be getting way more than I’m already selling at- but I did go ahead and change the basic option for the comic gig to be cheaper and added a cheaper option for the slice of life gig.

I don’t think I qualify for vector coloring/shading since I don’t think I do that? Closest I’ve done is a design for my redbubble with vector lines- but it’s definitely not something I normally do.

I was thinking maybe I should also offer a gig to draw peoples pets, offering to do so in either realism or cartoon style?
Or maybe a gig for drawing designs for merchandise like shirts/cups/etc. since I do that for my own redbubble? Do you think either of those would go over well?

Thanks for your help!

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Underselling yourself is a big problem with Fiverr. The only upside is that you possibly enjoy what you do and still see it as a fun hobby for the moment at least?

You could undersell yourself for that first order but put somewhere on your profile that this in under the proviso that you are able to use the work in your portfolio? Two birds with one stone and all that. There is no harm in trying other gigs since you have the skills. The only downside is the time setting up the gig. There is lots of competition in your area. Btw I misread the last part, I thought that you draw people as their pets :joy:

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Your preview images crop the artwork to the point it’s hard to tell what’s on it. I’d adjust the crop and limit every preview to one character (or maybe two side by side) so the details are visible and the head/face are in the frame.

People scroll really fast so previews are important.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Oh thanks!! I didn’t realize my images were getting all wonky in the preview! I went ahead and tried to fix that.
Thanks for pointing it out!