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How to get my gig approved?


I’m new here. My gigs are in the Draft section. How do I get them approved? Or do I simply have to wait? Help!


Write the gig description yourself and publish the gig.Describe your service clearly so buyer can understand everything. Once you create the gig with all information publish the gig. It will be automatically published immediately.
Then fiverr team may review your gig, If any problem they will ask you to edit the gig.


Well, I created a bunch of gigs, but none of them waited for approval.
However, it should approve in 24 hours or so. :slight_smile:
wait for it. :smile:

It supposed to stay at “PENDING APPROVAL” section, not draft. edit and publish again.


Wait, maybe it takes 24hrs. If takes more than 24hrs, please write to Fiverr Support.