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How to Get my GIG on 1st Page?


How to Get my GIG on 1st Page??please any one can help me?? what is the secret for it??



Well you dont wanna that :slight_smile:

One night i gone to sleep when i wake up i recive 50+ orders for logo desing and my gig is 24h delivery , i was working 16 hours to finish all that job… Im still on first page bug i suspend my gig because of too much orders :slight_smile:


The Fiverr editors choose some gigs for special placement & some are random, based on whatever searches or purchases each viewer has made (so the front page gigs will be slightly different to each viewer). Some people have suggested writing CS and asking them to forward your gigs to the editors for consideration as featured gigs or front page placement, however your gigs must be unique, very well presented and well-described to be picked and I haven’t heard that this works most of the time.


Yes i have the solution you should give your gig some actual pr links which will boost gig rating and can check my gig as well.


If you feel you offer up something unique enough, ask them to see if they can rotate you to a better position. Just, if they accept… be ready to handle a lot of orders. I was once featured in a newsletter a while back, had about 25+ orders in that day alone, another 10 to 20 the following two days. It can get… quite hectic. I like a relaxed order queue.


Fast order completion, tons of reviews, and well optimized gig titles, tags, and descriptions…

You won’t be on page 1 until you’ve been on page 10 and completed all your orders then climbed up to page 9, then page 8, etc. This is determined by how many positive reviews you get.

Until you have a few hundred positive reviews… why should your gigs be on page 1 for your category? They have not earned that right.


Thank you all of you guys!!!


Haha very Well played :stuck_out_tongue:


Try with editing gig tags