How to get my gig out there


Hi, I created 2 gigs and i haven’t received a single view or click on either yet.

I haven’t shared on Facebook because i know people wouldn’t be interested in what im offering.

Will it take a few days for my gigs to get out there or…?

any advice on getting my service out there would be great… I’ve ready about this 2,500 email thing, but do people really click those? haha



clicks and views are updated after 24 hours they not update every time someone click or view it.

an advice : take care of your gig description and offer quality gigs, also use your best samples for photos or videos, not just photos from google images, your gigs might be brought down from the search if you are reported for copyrights.

you wrote 3 lignes on your gig description , buyers will think that you are not a serious seller and will not trust you, try expanding it, explain more and more what you offer, and try thinking like a buyer, what would impress a buyer…

Good luck


You should check out the huge library of posts for Tips for new Sellers. You’ll get a ton of information on keywords, titles, SEO, and more.

Also, I mentioned this to someone else, but you can check out the Buyers Request section and submit your gigs to people looking for your service. Can help you drum up a few gigs but it’s competitive.


I’d like to read some tips too! I think images are important indeed, so I’m going to put some effort in them.


It’s probably because what you’re offering is not competitive enough. Look up tips on the forum and browse through services others are offering at $5 - most are much more competitive than what you’re offering.