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How to get my new gig to shine trough the jungle of other gigs of the same type?

I’m new to Fiverr or Freelancing in general, so I don’t know really much and I would appreciate some tips.

My gig is translating from English to Italian and vice-versa, problem is, there are a lot of other people offering this same style of gig, so what can I exactly do to become relevant, no one is going to pick the no review newbie over the 1k+ positive reviews veteran so easily, so I was wondering what I could do to have my gig shine trough.

I made custom art for the gig, I even made a little promo video and I think my offer is good, I also know that at the beginning not getting many orders is completely normal, but I do believe that there is something I can do to boost my start, I guess I just don’t know how, and I wondered if anyone on here has any tips.

I also see that marketing is really important, but I have no idea where I should promote this particular gig.

Thanks for reading!


That’s up to you to determine. Be creative, be bold, and think of ways that would appeal to your target customers, and make those target customers want to hire you instead of your competition. To be completely honest, we can’t really help you with this because you know your market and what they prefer, and you are the one that is going to have to be creative and stand out.

What makes you unique? What makes you the best English-Italian translator available? What would make people looking for this service want to hire you instead of one of your 1k+ review competitors?

This is your business here on Fiverr. You need to brainstorm and find ways to set yourself apart from the other guys. We don’t know you well enough to be able to do this, and it isn’t our responsibility to do it either. We all have our own businesses here on Fiverr, and we’re all working to do the same thing in our own unique ways.

When it comes to marketing your gigs, where are your target customers located? Do some market research, figure out these places, and you’ll know where to promote. Then, it just becomes a case of finding creative and unique ways to appeal to those target customers.