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How to get "My Portfolio" Option in Fiverr Profile?


How to get “My Portfolio” Option in Fiverr Profile as like the attached Image??

Thank you!

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I am a new seller I’m yet to understand this.

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I think that those are available for Pro Sellers and Top Rated Sellers. In that case the seller might have been a TRS and has been demoted.


Maybe…waiting for anyone’s comment who can tell us in more details… Thank you!

Hope anyone will clear about this who know well.

Hi, I got my Portfolio when I was a Level 1 Seller. That’s all I can say about it.



Nice. But I have not got.

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Hi, this option is only available when someone becomes top rated or PRO seller.

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I can not teach you how to get a good score at the English test, if that’s what you want :wink:


Yes, sir. great. Thank you for your reply.

I’m really sorry tanvirnw. I neither have the time nor the skills to teach you English.

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About time someone created an English teaching gig. jk. :zipper_mouth_face: Oh wait. A Fiverr search using the keywords “learn English,” and “improve English” returned a list of several relevant gigs. Perhaps, you might be interested in a few? @tanvirnw

haha, I know my friend. Thank you

Oh, you gave him the “first chance” eh? That’s so kind of you!

After that, you went ahead and sent me a message on Fiverr :arrow_down: .

What for?

  • “Hi Bro” is NOT the way you address people. It is highly unprofessional.

  • The Fiverr messaging system is only for inquiring about business opportunities/their services, not for asking for help to pass your English test. If you send such unsolicited messages, which are considered “spam,” you will get a warning/account suspension from Fiverr (Fiverr takes it very seriously). So, please don’t do that. If you want to send someone a message, you can always do so on Fiverr’s public forum.

  • Just like the other forum user said, I neither have the time nor the skills to teach you English either. I am sorry. :crying_cat_face:

  • You might be better off finding an English teaching gig on Fiverr.

Good luck! :sunny:

I am sorry, dear. I understood my fault. I am really, sorry for that. Thank you!