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How to get my refund back into my checking account?

After I paid the seller they declind the job and refunded my money, I can see my money but can’t figure out how to get it back to my bank acct.

Refunds do not get returned to your bank account. They remain within Fiverr to be used in purchasing other Fiverr gigs.

Let’s say I have $10 in my Fiverr account. When I try to pay for a gig that costs more, such as $15, there’s no option to use my 10 dollar credit first before I pay the remaining $5 using Paypal. How do I go about this? I’m not going to keep the remaining credits in my account if they are unusable unless for gigs of equal value or under…

Hi, there was a promition between 23_26 February to buy a gig of $10 and save $5. I purchased a gig worth $100 during that period. Is there something for me like fiverr promised. If yes then how?

if your seller cancel or decline job and money is refunded in fiverr account, then you can not withdraw in your bank account.

But you can use refunded amount for any future purchase in fiverr.


I’m in the same vote as you. Have you found out any information on this?

How do you use the refund from your fiverr account? When I click the order now it takes me straight to PayPal.

If you have $5 in your Fiverr account and the gig you are purchasing costs more than $5, it will lead you to Paypal. You have to only purchase a gig that costs the same amount of the funds in your Fiverr account if you don’t want it to take you to Paypal.

Estou tentando usar esse valor devido ao cancelamento do trabalho pelo profissional, onde uso esse crédito para uma nova compra?

Please post in English so that others can read your comments, and respond. Thank you.

Hello guys, I need help, and I hope you might know what to do.
Seller didn’t deliver order and the baddest thing is that he has closed his account, so no way to contact him. He doesn’t exist on Fiverr anymore.
I have history of order in my inbox, so I can send it to customer support, just I can’t find a place under customer support where to do it?
Can you help me please?

Go to help at the bottom of the page and look for the desired help

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I order twice and I only got $5. But until now, I can not use it because my new order is $10. What can we do since it will be expired

Hi Aerial,
Contact Support regarding this. You will get refund to your Bank account or Paypal. I have faced same problem they have refunded my money back to my bank account.

I don’t have any knowledge about that. You should contact Customer Support :slight_smile:

For all of you that want to use credit but want to buy a larger gig, just ask the seller for 2 custom quotes. Any reasonable seller will do that if you explain. If you have $10 credit and the gig is $25, get 1 custom quote for $10 and another for $15.

What if i don’t want to use Fiverr any longer am I just out the money that was “refunded” to me?

No, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them to send your funds back to your payment provider. You can only do it a limited number of times, though.

its better you just purchase a gig worth the same amount you have in your fiverr first if you must use the money in your fiverr.