How to get my sale number 3?


I got my second sale… How to get my sale number 3?:smiley:


The same way you got sale number 2? :stuck_out_tongue: Just wait for it, or try promoting your gigs on social sites if you can’t wait for it :wink:


hehe. Buyer request is not so fast as I would like! But I know I have to wait for more! :slight_smile:


Just keep selling them through BR, I know that EVERYBODY says this, but it truly is the one important piece of information I can give you. Send thorough requests that explain what your potential client is asking for(this will make them feel special). Don’t send a copy and paste message, take the time to explain what they might be looking for and use the best vocabulary you can to come off as professional as physically possible.


I wish we could add at least some new lines in our offers to buyer requests… whenever I explain my offer to potential buyers through the BR page, I realize how cluttered it looks because all line breaks have been removed and there’s no separation of paragraphs :frowning: Heck, I wouldn’t read my own offer because of this lack of basic formatting! It’s not even formatting, it’s a simple empty line, why remove that?!


Yes. You are right! I will follow your advice! Thanks!!


I KNOW, THAT WOULD BE SO USEFUL. I like to break apart my writing so it so it is easier to read, it bothers me so much when something is all jumbled up.


How do you break apart your writing? Here’s how I do it:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ~~~ Varietates autem iniurasque fortunae facile veteres philosophorum praeceptis instituta vita superabat. ~~~ Nunc ita separantur, ut disiuncta sint, quo nihil potest esse perversius. Quamquam te quidem video minime esse deterritum. ~~~ Consequentia exquirere, quoad sit id, quod volumus, effectum.

But still looks bad overall IMO!


I got my order number 3:smiley:



I am so so happy!