How to get new order


Hello sir,
I am new comer for fiverr. I create gig but can not get order. Please check my gig and advice me.


Hi @jayathilaka92,
I’ve Visit your GIG i am also NEW on fiverr. What I suggest you should do is edit your GIG and make the revision to unlimited and offer more then one image. Other then that try not to offer GIG extras For the time and make the gig attract Your BUYERS.. Your GIG Extras Cost Much More To The Buyer So They Don’t Contact You.
Try To See Other New Sellers GIG and Try To Make One Like Them.


Your gigs is good. Post buyer request. If you don’t know then follow this process:
Click your username > Selling > Buyer Requests > From drop down select Photoshop Category >
Check out list of buyer requests > see what suits you > post your request as reply >
That’s it.
Hope this helps.


Thank you sir. I take your advice and i can do edit my gig. Thank you sir
reply me


Thank you sir for advice me. I can change my gig