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How To Get New Orders


Hello I Am A New Seller On Fiverr. Still I Can’t Received New Order, Help Me Plz


At the bottom of the Fiverr home page is a Help and Education Center. There is a lot of good information there.


I am reading all type of information about how get more sales and i also change in my gig but still i can’t receiving new order, I am sending offer to buyer every day but i can’t received order yet…

Thank You…


When you joined fiverr?


i hope u soon get order…i am also waiting for order


Best of luck brother


I hope this post may help you get going.

All The Best and Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:


Same here. Though I am sending positive responses to buyer, none of them has replied back. Maybe I am not approaching through proper procedures. Please help me. Came across a term "buyer’s bid’. how to approach that ?


I joined early october and only 5 gigs bought. Is that normal?

Any tips on how to increase my gigs visibity? :confused:

Thanks in advance…


Check this link to solve about your problem.


Daily send 10 buyer request. It’s help you much more to get an order…:v::v::v::v:


If anyone knows, I have less than 90% positive rating from the buyers, in order to make new offers. So in the field buyer request I can’t send offer anymore, It says 0 offers left today. So I can’t apply for new offer or job whatever. Anyone know how to fix this problem ? Thank you very much however. Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


@emanuelristeski what is you seller level? 0 offers left today mean you have completed daily order quota. Otherwise you can refresh the page again and again to see the active BR. Have good day.


Hello there, thank you for your reply. Hmm because of my clients feedback, which is low than 90% I can’t apply for job at all. I was used to apply before, I know that Fiverr offers you 10 offers per day, but I have none since I have lower positive rating than 90 %. So I have 0 offers more than a month, I need a way to fix my rating, in order to get that 10 offers.


There’s a couple things you can do.

Go to Buyer requests and submit offers.

Post on the forum and market. I’ve had 3 people message me within the first week of having an account. Already made my first sale.


I Am sending every 10 offer but still cant received new order that’s problem how can i solve it ???


i am really very sorry but i am also can’t getting new order when i am sending daily order…


If you have problems about making order, contact customer care.
If you have any problem getting an order, there made many things to do:

  1. Keep the faith and be patient;
  2. Use the Fiverr app Buyers Request everyday (you have ten orders);
  3. Get advice from the Fiverr academy;
  4. Get advice by reading posts on the forums;
  5. Your profile is very important. Review it again
  6. When you get your first order, do a wonderful job.
  7. Once again, be patient.


Kindly wrote on this topic in buyer request that can be attractive from others. It’s help you to get order in fiverr. :v::v::v:


Great tips Really​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: