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How To Get Oder on Fiverr

Hi. I’m new on fiver and I got only 0 orders till now.Can you please tell me how can I get more orders?


Please use the search bar at the top of the page - type in “how to get first order” for many many tips


You posted your question in “Tips for Sellers.” That category is for experienced sellers to share their tips with other sellers.

To stop your post from getting :black_flag:ed or removed, I have moved it to the proper category.

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Check out this post :point_down:t4: and don’t forget to watch the video to get the juicy deets. Watch it twice, it’s that good! :pineapple:


I suggest that you go through buyer requests and see if there is a job that you could do! ^^
Also sharing your profile on social media is really helpful!

Also just be patient! Nobody gets their first order right away.

I cannot view Buyer Request section in my profile. I have created one Gig so far. Could anyone help me find Buyer Request section please?

Create up to 7 gigs available for new sellers in different categories. It will increase your chances of seeing more buying request

Thank you for replying. It’s surely going to help.

learn many thing from comment

But only if you are competent in providing the services those different categories require. If you can not do the work well, it will eventually lead to issues with your buyers.


I sometimes catch myself thinking or saying “odor” when I mean order now. :smile_cat:

Such as: “I wonder if I have an odor”


Yes, oder does spell odor! :wink: