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How to get oders from fiverr


all new fiverr users face same problem, how to get more oders .

i work as freelance 3d artist start as partime now i decide to work as full time artist in here , i start my fiverr career at 2015, as 3d modeler,
now i reach level2
100+ oders,
earned more than 8k $ ,

from my experience i dint get Oder for one year, but i never give up, i log in to fiverr everyday and looking for job
and search some tips and how can i get more oders, as my experience doer must have good profile ,
picture, description , more important catchy and clear gigs ,
and find others gigs according to your work category and take idea , add some decent images , videos and pricing .
and try to do some unique things , try to find what most people need , what they looking for, and create more gigs , when you get some oders , you can send custom offer for clients…

here is my tip, never give up, try hard…
Happy New Year :heart:


Thanks for the share and you are the true inspiration :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing . its help me to grow me


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Thank. Happy new year


Thanks for sharing this. I wish you all the best for the future and appreciate you telling this


Thank you for the tips. :slight_smile:


Please everyone review the following about how to spell the word:


It is spelled O R D E R S not oders.

O R D E R:
A verbal or written request for something to be made, supplied, or served.

***‘the firm has won an order for six tankers’***

Oder | Definition of Oder in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Definition of Oder - a river of central Europe which rises in the mountains in the east of the Czech Republic and flows northwards through western Pola.

And when you use the word order in a sentence it is never capitalized.


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Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.


I think maybe it’s an error from the OP. He might not even be aware.

Thanks for the definition of “oder” though. I never knew this before.


Thanks for good suggestion


thanks bro…very good suggestion


Right, success is not on trying, it is in continuously trying until you reach your goal!


thanks for sharing the information


Thank you for the tips


Hello thank you so much for your sharing this is very helpful I will working on it to make more beautiful my gigs and this is very important things which you tell us.
And Happy New year stay blessed


Thank you for sharing this


thank you so much for your inspiring words :heart_eyes: