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How to get on the first page in one days , for entry level gigs?

so let’s start all Fiverr required photos, presentation and video, which Fiverr ask you to fill. and the photo you create must be so eye catchy and put all your service in it. then in presentation, you have to put your best work.
Then in the video section, you have to create your own video presenting your service and if you cant able to shoot your own video then make animated video.

2.add FAQ the time of category selection in gig pricing section select all Fiverr provided services of your field.

  1. make a change in title and tags to know which gives you higher rank and impressions.

5.the Fiverr buyers searching keyword must present in your title. must create your gig by,
-search your targeted keyword as a buyer
-select delivery time 24 hours, select price range as you declared to you gig price,
-select online

secret tip---- you have to find out at what time in a day, you have less competition on a particular keyword

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No! Do not do “every single thing your competitor does.” That just makes you less competitive.

Think about it: if everyone does the same thing, would that mean they can all rank high? No. Because there are infinite numbers of people who want to rank with finite ranking placements. It’s impossible. And there are many factors specific to your business that dictate what keywords and other things are best for you to target your particular audience.

In business you have to stand apart from your competition and target the buyers for whom you are the best fit. if you want to succeed. Copying their keywords or whatever else doesn’t do that.

I don’t know where people are getting the idea that copying competitors gives you the advantages they have and helps you rank high. It doesn’t and please, please stop perpetuating this myth.

Do not change your title and tags every single day. You change these when your insights and market research suggests it is necessary, not just for the sake of it. Plus, when you alter your gig Fiverr may restrict it in search results for a little while, which is not what you want.

Finally, you are suggesting that people will succeed on Fiverr if they can tick all the boxes. It doesn’t work that way here, especially as there are many factors outside of your activity that affect your ranking. You’re suggesting people can succeed solely via their activity and that isn’t the case.

It’s very disappointing to see people positioning themselves as having key advice when their advice is really inaccurate and antithetical to the basic tenets of business and algorithms.


Completely agree! Also, want to note - Not need copy paste all what did your competitors, need be Unique and Fresh! Try to make something different!

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Totally! Thanks for sharing that important point.

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i just saying to analyse your competitors gig , and see how he get on the top .
i am not saying to copy and paste

I didn’t say you were. You literally said to do exactly what your competitors do and that is what I am objecting to because it is harmful and hugely incorrect advice. Most of what you said is untrue and it would hurt sellers if they took your advice.

I don’t know why people say things as if they are bonafide truth when in fact they violate even basic principles of business and logic. It’s so wrong and no one deserves to be misled by that.

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ya, mam, I totally agree with you,
but if entry-level people want to get on the first page quickly then he must target their competitors .

If you agree with me, then why say the opposite I your original post? You are only backtracking because I called you on your problematic advice.

New sellers should understand and compete against competitors, yes. But your advice was counter productive to that and doesn’t achieve triumph over competition. On the contrary. It is ever helpful to any seller to do what you advised.

My Gig ranking is dropping these days…

. but its the fact that 95% of people get successful because of competitors analyzing only, you may see in any field.
and there is nothing wrong in it.

Of course you have to know your competitors and get an edge over them. For the third time, I’m saying your advice to copy what competitors are doing doesn’t achieve that.

try to find out at what time in a day, you have less competition on a particular keyword.
so you will get orders on that particular time where the less number of your competitors are online. whether it might me midnight or early morning or mid-afternoon. you have to do research on it.

Thanks for you reply! How can we know when less competitors are online? I search my competitors’ keywords and find out ours are almost the same.

I’m going to be blunt here.

@jaypatel321 - you joined Fiverr last month. don’t appear to have had any orders … and your gig doesn’t appear on the first page of search, which it would if your tips were valid. If you were putting them into practice. Which maybe you are, but in that case they don’t work.

Posting on the forums is not a good way to get work. Particularly when you post “tips” that are ineffective.

The forum is mostly populated by other sellers, not buyers, so … any traffic you get from here is likely to be people like me wondering whether you’ve a) put your tips into practice and b) how that worked for you. No intention to buy. Traffic without conversions pushes your search position down.

As @humanissocial pointed out, editing your gig every day means it is likely to never appear in search, since it takes a couple of days for the algorithm to react to it … unless it’s a very niche offer, which yours isn’t. You have nearly 2k competitors in your niche.

Placing your “tips” in the “improve my gig” section is … confusing, since you haven’t asked for advice.

Placing your “tips” in the “tips for sellers” section wouldn’t be a good idea either, since your tips don’t appear to work for you, never mind anyone else.

Please don’t publish this kind of post - it’s a disservice to other newbie sellers and is unlikely to get you any orders.

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Thank you. It is wrong to mislead people with advice that will hurt their business.

He seems to think that positioning himself as an expert will help his business. It won’t, especially if almost everything you day is not only untrue, but harmful if put into practice.

People make things up, unfortunately, and don’t use logic when asserting how things work.

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step1 search your targeted keyword as a buyer

step2 select delivery time 24 hours, select price range as you declared to you gig price ,

step3 select online.
after selecting all these you will find few sellers only their you must have rank your gig, and if it not comes then apply all the tecniques that i had share on the top of the forum.

but you have to select the niche like 24 hrs delivery ,price range , and select online option . their you defenitly rank you self

In my experience, buyers on Fiverr tend not to narrow down that much. They may look for “levelled” sellers and/or online, but that’s about it. You can see examples of this here on this forum - buyers’ complaints about narrowing down their search parameters being too much effort.

Anything more than the basics, they’ll post a buyer request, usually for stupid money, but there are exceptions.

I agree that what you say may work on google, but Fiverr isn’t google and their algorithms are different. Fiverr’s algorithm “churns” gig offers in order to give newbies a chance.

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