How to get one forum badge [Title Edited]


Many of you may have the question, How to get new user and advanced user badge?:medal_military:

I was wondering last night to get How to get new user and advanced user badge! I did research and find the way! It was a very simple task which is provided my discobot. just follow the simple steps and get your desire badge!
Here is the solution for you…!

  1. First you need to call discobot ( type @ discobot ) ''no space between @ and discobot ‘’
  2. Then ( type @ discobot start new user ) ''no space between @ and discobot ‘’
  3. Then you will instructed my discoboto to complete the given tasks.

Best of luck! :blush:


I thought at first you were telling sellers how to get level badges. So everyone should understand these are only Forum badges. They do not apply to the main Fiverr site. :wink:


That’s a good point. Maybe edit the title to “new and advanced forum user badge”.


Yea, the title needs some editing!


That’s right buddy! but i wish they understand that i were talking about forum badges!


That is the first time I have ever been called buddy! I am a lady! Buddy is a term that is used to address a male. :wink:


Then you did not read my name or look at my profile picture very closely. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought it was a cartoon picture! :blush:


I am super confused… Where do I do this? Sorry if I am missing something really obvious lol


Do it in any post reply


Okay… I’ll try. Thanks!


You ARE wELCOME LOL…:wink:


Let’s see if this works LOL

@discobot start new user


Woohoo! :confetti_ball::fireworks::sparkles::balloon:

It worked!

Finally, I’m “licensed”! :wink:


@oliur76 Never mind, found it, thank you for the detailed and instructive post :slight_smile:


@discobot start new user


You are welcome :slight_smile: @facebookmagus


Good luck…buddy :+1:


@discobot start new user


You have to send a private message to @discobot.