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How to get ones first order


Can anyone senior please guide us how to get first order ?


Make sure you have relevant gig tags, a unique title and quality images that represent your service. Also make sure your description is enticing and makes people interested in your gig! Good luck!


keep patient … Order come …


Can you please see my gigs and then tell me that are these are well created or not


Yes brother i am waiting for my first order i dont know how long i would wait


Getting your first order takes a while. I know someone who got their first order after 3 weeks and some others probably get it after a couple of months. You need to be patient. Go to Buyer Request. You have a limit of 10 offers per day. Doing this every day makes a difference. You can also promote your gigs on social media too. Good Luck :wink:


Yes i am continuously seeing the buyer request and one request is shown over there which is also a irrelevant one to my skills. Why i am not being able to see more than one buyer request


It depends on your gig category and subcategory


It’s a common problem:


Ok can you see my gigs please that are they properly created or not


Thanks a lot for sharing this information


You’re very welcome! :sunny:


In one of your gigs, you said: Best Of All, I GUARANTEE That You’ll Love My Work Or I Will Do Unlimited Revisions For FREE Until You Are Satisfied!

I think you shouldn’t say that because buyers could make you do so much work for only $5 and could be ‘pretending’. I think you should change that.


It was the ‘I Will Create An Outstanding Children Book To Epub And Mobi’ gig

Hope that helps :wink:


I wish it would help me
by the way thanks alot for deeply reviewing and suggesting about my gigs and


Sure i will change it as per your suggestion
Thanks a lot


No Problem :wink: :blush:


Thanks for the tips. This will be helpful to me.


Good, good luck with your gigs!