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How to get order 1st

I cant get any order yet .is here anyone to help me

Dear @riponsarkar55,

No one here to assist you getting an order but providing the tips on how to get an order fast. Actually, a lot of tips on “Getting order fast” is available on the forum. Please go through the different categories of the forum and you will get a plenty of tips there.

Work hard, stay honest, share your gigs to social sites and most important thing that you should bear in mind is to keep patience. There is no alternative of keeping patience on Fiverr to get orders.

Minthal Ahmed Masum


Hi @riponsarkar55 ,

Promote your Gigs on Social Media and Use Buyer Reqest.
Good Luck


Well, can’t guarantee it will work for you, but for me it came down to sharing my gig everywhere I could on social media and sending offers to as many buyer requests (underneath the “selling” tab) as I could with very competitive pricing. You might have to do some discounted work for your first few orders to get yourself up in the search ranks, but you should be able to snowball into higher prices before too long!

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Take on board the previous suggestions and also check out the for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Can I provide discounted offer even less than $5?

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No, but if, say, someone has a request that you would normally charge $10 for, you could offer to do it for $5. It will be rough doing the extra work, but this has gotten me quite a few regulars!


Boost your fiverr gigs via social flatform


I am already keeping the price of my gigs low so that I might get buyers and upgrade to level 1 asap. So far I got only one order! Hope things will not remain same for long!

Well, what I’ve heard some folks do to get up to level 1 is just to ask family and friends directly, people you know who would be happy to get your five dollar gig. All you need is ten, after all! I just went with the buyer requests, so it took me a few weeks to break level 1 personally.

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I get 13-20 buyer request on an average daily and so many of them are from sellers and sometimes those are irrelevant to my prevailing gigs! That’s a thing Fiverr authority must monitor now. Sellers keep spamming that section all time! When I see something relevant to my services I dont wait to offer.

Some tips to getting sales and gig views:

Make the thumbnail as eye catching as possible.

Include a gig video not just pictures, buyers are more likely to buy when you have a video showcasing your work with music and voice over it ,rather than just a few pictures, they need to see more examples.

Search for buyer requests and send custom orders.

Make sure all grammar is correct and the description of your gigs is well laid out. (Also on one of your gigs it says ’ I will any design for you’ I think it should be ’ I will do any design for you’

Try coming up with different gigs that no has done because there are thousands of the same gigs and people are most likely to buy the one with the most sales.

Get a friend to buy your first gig, for fun just so you can get a boost and a first 5 star rating!!! :smiley:

Time: sometimes it takes time, i didnt get my first order for 2 months after creating it so sometimes its a waiting game.


So is it fair in fiverr, calling experienced friends to help you in buying your gig? :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for your helpful suggestions

As long as you aren’t paying people to buy your gigs to boost your ranking or anything, it should be fair game for someone you know to purchase your gig.


Okay Fair enough! Thanks @iggydkidd :slight_smile:

If you’re not experienced in video making, you can always turn to fiverr to find someone to produce it for you. There are plenty of video editors, animators and even voice over talents (like myself) who would be happy to make you an eye-catching profile video!


Since I never had experience in buying on fiverr, does fiverr accept debit/credit card to pay sellers? and what about payoneer?

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Well Hi there

sorry for the situation you’re facing right now ! :frowning:

but the truth is no one can help you at this moment.

But let me give you some tips

1-Share your GIG in various social media platforms especially (Reddit)

2-Give your GIG a solid short Title about your service and It must be clear what you are giving.

3-Organize the GIG TAGS properly

Hope this will help you some


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