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How to get order and get level one

hye guys
this is Sumit and i am a graphic designer. A lot work and tests I got first page ranking on fiverr. I have 6k impressions but I do not get orders on fiverr. con someone tell me how i improve it and how i get order. please tell me. I need help someone.

Write a good description of your gig.
Make a video for your gig if possible.
Install fiver app and get online 24/7.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

okay i will try too make a video.
but i want to know that video really help us in growing orders.

Yes. That will help you a lot.

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Your recent delivery was 1 day ago and you have 4 good reviews in the last 7 days. If you type “how to get more orders” in the search bar above there are numerous helpful posts on the subject. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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