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How to get order and how can my gig in first page

I am new in this marketplace and want some order I am a professional graphic designer. Love to help and keep the customer satisfied. I’ve been doing graphic design more then 6 years. I believe designing is not just about making things look good instead, it is a powerful tool of communication and influence. I like to provide quality service. I love making T-shirt designing also I have experience about Logo, Banner, Festoon, Business cards,vector convert, Flyer, Image editing,Photo retouching and any type of graphics related work. Please keep in touch with me for better solution. Thank you


You joined this forum back in November 2019 and have read all of 6 minutes of forum topics in that course of time that could have helped you.

I suggest using the search function (the magnifying glass icon) in the upper right hand corner of this page to search topics on “how to get sales”.



hi there,

  1. be online 24x7 if you can
  2. research on the tags of others gigs and choose for yourself which are suitable
  3. notice the keywords which are suitable for your gig and use those
  4. do social marketing of your gigs.
  5. smartly bid the buyer request.
  6. keep patience and don’t stop practicing.


I see people recommend this all the time

how :sweat_smile:

The rest of your tips are great, but that one is not useful. Nobody can be online 24/7!


yes… basically its means as much as you can …