How to get order and More Bayer?


I am abdullah al-mamun.I have 2 years experience in Photoshop and Illustrator.I am newer at fiverr . So I need more help.please someone help me…


Please take the time to read this TIPS FOR SELLERS forum. Many people have asked for help already, and have been given tips on how to succeed using the Fiverr system. Please take the time to read the advice that has already been shared on these forums. :slight_smile:


thank you so much sir…


Post your gig’s on my Fiverr gig’s section!


Reply to @mamunfreelancer: Quick tip: Correct the image on your “replace your image” gig. It doesn’t look good for an “expert in Photoshop” to have a poor gig pic. :slight_smile:


ok mam.i will change my “replace your image” gig.thank you so much


Reply to @pictureduke: i have done this work but no benefit.


Reply to @mamunfreelancer: Hello sir,

I just checked one of your gigs.

There are a some of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Buyers want good communication from you so that you understand what they really want.

Please review your gigs and correct your description.

Wish you good luck


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hi try to upload a video in your gig

i know most of the photoshop expert didnt do it

but you should try


@pictureduke: Can you explain ‘Post your gig’s on my Fiverr gig’s section!’


what kind of help you need bro?


Reply to @jonbaas: you are correct brother. there has many articles on it.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I am also new at fiverr. can you please check my fiverr gigs is there all things is okay?


Reply to @pictureduke: I did it several times but no order get from this. do you think its important and can bring order too?


Reply to @zarafal: I am also new at fiverr. can you please check my fiverr gigs is there all things is okay? - See more at:


Reply to @gunakararora: why you spaming here? you can share your gigs at “My Fiverr Gig” section.


Reply to @hapywork: If your formula can make $1000.00 per month? then why you selling it at low price $100.00? Can you please explain me?


Reply to @tips4reader: I also upload a video for my gig but why order not comming? I am worried about this.