How to get order? [ARCHIVED - reference only]


hi, i’m new in fiverr. anyone know how to get order??

please help me


Read this which is right above your post here:

Your picture is scary which is not good. Put a real photo or yourself. People want to see who they are really buying from.
It takes time. It can take weeks for your first order.


Stay up to date with buyers request. Tell em you’ll offer quality service even at a cheaper price.
Your picture really looks scary…LOL


I should think doing aggressive promotion of your gig will go along way>>…
My one cent…!


Your picture is scary… but I must say I really like it! Ahahah
Also, you can check regulary the Buyer Requests section, and send Gigs to the ones who needs them. :slight_smile:


It took me a month to get my first order. Just go with patience and you can always promote your services on social networking sites.

Good Luck


I agree with you the photo is a bit scary. Just advertise your services and offer good packages, then I am sure buyers will come to you.


Your image does stand out, that’s for sure.
If you gig was something like “I’ll draw a cartoon zombie for you” it will make
sense, but if not, changing it to a friendlier image might be an option.
Also, you have only one sample image. You should add more.


My suggestion would be to first improve your gig. At the start of your gig description you are saying "i can make a avatar ,cartoon or vector ilustration from your photo for $5 :smiley: " but at the end you are saying “We disscused about that price” you are not giving the buyers a clear understanding of your service. Thanks!!


thanks :smiley:


thanks bro :slight_smile:


thanks bro :smiley:


thanks broo


hehehe, thanks broo, i’ll change it


Thanks. finally i got my first order. :smiley: , come and visit my Gigs if you want to order


Keep creating new gigs or change the description title and tags of your gig daily.
Keep patience you will get more orders in future