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How to get order fastly

Hi I am new seller to fiverr
I have a skills graphics design, logo and web development.
I Il publish 3 gigs 3 weeks ago this gig have also good impressions but clicks count is week
how to improve my gigs clicks and orders.

please help me !

your reply is best value for me.
Thank you !


There are no ways to get an order “fastly” (this is not a word by the way in the English language - the correct word is quickly).

If you have good impressions but your click count is weak, that means your Gigs are not eye catching enough or there is something about them that makes the potential buyer keep scrolling past your Gig.



Keep improving your gig’s graphics and keep applying through buyer requests.

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Useless advice if the gigs themselves aren’t able to attract a customer on their own.

there is no short-cut solution for this but you share your gig it can helps you

Firstly I’d fix the spelling in the SEO gig title and the one the top of the main gig image. Also check the spelling in the background removal gig’s main image.


you are right. Thanks for your tips.