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How to get Order for a New seller?


I am new here & i open my gig but still don’t receive any order.
please suggest me what can i do for get order.



The best advice will be searching in the forum before you create a new post.
This question has been asked a lot of times, just do a little search and you will find the answer.



Thank you much. I will research about this topic. Thanks for your advice


Do not lose hope mate, try reading the following article and am sure it will help you fetch your first job.

Happy Freelancing!


Thanks for your advice.



Welcome to fiverr. If you want to get first order for a beginner then Fiverr buyer request is the best choice for you to get your first order from fiverr. If you send 10 buyer request everyday then you get your first order very fast.
Best of Luck


good choice but not easy for new seller :sob:


Welcome to Fiverr … you can send everyday buyer request then you get your order… good luck


i tried many time this option but i could not get any order from buyer request.