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How to get order for new seller?

  • You need to make at least 2 unique service gigs
  • An eye-catching gig image
  • Use popular search tag
  • Try to 12/14 hours active in fiverr
  • Every day, Try to send the offer of 10 buyer request.
  • Share your gig social media everyday

Look over my gig

Thank you for the valuable tips. :slight_smile:


hello nabedkhan67 many many thanks for your good advice


Thanks dear, I always try to follow these rules.:heart:


Thanks, good advice.


Thanks for your tips…


Thanks for your tips! Do you think adding a second gig that is unrelated to your first is a good idea ? I am a voice over artist and also a photographer. I was debating whether or not to add “ I can retouch your photo” because it’s not related to voice overs. What do you guys think?


Thank you. This tips are very helpful for new sellers like me.


Thanks for your suggestion!!!


Thanks for share ur valuable tips…


My take on this is that so long as you can show real quality in both gigs, it shouldn’t matter that you’re offering 2 different things. If Voiceover is your main focus, why not experiment with a photography gig and see how it goes?

I think where this can become an issue is where you see a number of new sellers who will create 7 gigs with what feels like a standard list of Fiverr’s Greatest Hits… Photoshop Retouch, Wordpress Installation, Background Removal, Mailchimp Form Creation…

If I was a buyer, I would assume that this person is a jack of all trades, master of none. What you’re describing sounds different to that.

Good luck to you!


What’s new? Bring something new. Waiting for that. Thanks


Thanks a lot :heart:


Thanks for your tips.


Thank you for the valuable tips. :slight_smile:


Thanks For Your Tips. But I cant Find Any Buyer Request On My Buyer Request Section!
What Can I DO ? Anybody can help me?


Nothing. If they’re not there for your gig category, they’re not there.


Ops! Okay :frowning: So Thanks For Your Reply!


Create 7 different gigs then you will find buyer request…!!


You forgot gig description. :slight_smile:
But, tell us which popular search tag new sellers can use for logo gig for example?