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How to get order from buyer

I am new user in fivver. I have completed 21 order from here. But last three day’s I couldn’t get any order. What’s my problem? I can’t understand . How I will solve this problem? Any body help me?

For me. Always works one thing…

Response quickly… Response quickly… Response quickly… Response quickly…

Have Fiverr App on your mobile.

You are dealing with people around the world and you need to be their 24/7.

it’s hard work, But you will able to convert $5 to $50 or $100 If your service is Good.

Buyers never wants to deal with a seller who reply after 2 days.


Don Hesh.

SEO Consultant

I agree that you should respond quickly. There is a good chance that you are not the only seller that the buyer has contacted. Who responds to their message first may be the only thing that determines who they choose to order from.

Also, take advantage of the Buyer Request feature to make offers to buyers that are looking for specific types of gigs.

Hope that helps.