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How to get order in fiverr

i am new in fiverr how to get first order please tall me i am experienced graphics designer but i have not any order in fiverr


Start with this informative post. :small_red_triangle_down:
Click on the hyperlink.


thank for your advice


Thanks for the useful piece of information. An important topic to be discussed!

Send buyer request daily and do some gig marketing share as much as you can. Best of luck Dear :slight_smile::slight_smile:


thanks you
i am a best writer plz contact me.

please give me orders.

Thanks for this advise :heart:

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I think you should stick to fiverr till you get some sells. And when you get them, make sure to do them perfectly and grab those stars.

Be humble :slight_smile:

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thanks …its is very helpful article

dear send buyer requested daily

You need have the ability to sell. Learn the techniques and respond to buyer requests every single day.

Dear you do not worry about this. this is not main problem this is a overall mistake or misunderstanding with new user .

Try to catch buyer request. Decorate your gig some extra features and good keyword.
You will get Order shortly.

thanks its very helpful

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i didn’t get my first order…

Hi @samdataentry97,

Welcome to the fiverr forum ! :grinning:

Check out this tips .Hope it will help you …

Best Of Luck

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Thanks a lot for your Tips

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Thanks for your amazing tips🙂