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How to Get Order on Fiverr ? Anybody Suggestion Please share with me?


Hi, This is kiran shehzadi.i want suggestion about my gig marketing.In which ways i can get orders from fiverr

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I can spot a few grammar errors in your profile and description.

You might want to take down the article-writing gig.

Other than that, use SNS and promote your gig like crazy!!


Make description more attractive and increase response time it will help to get orders.


Use ur own pics :smiley:


@kiranshehzadi First of all share your gig on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Create videos for gigs and upload on gig. Also share those videos on Youtube which may help you get more traffic from Google/Youtube.

You can then start promoting your gigs in various forums also. It will help!


Thankx for suggestion @designcastle

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Reply to @best_seo: Thanks Alot @best_seo :slight_smile:


Fiverr is like a farm. Your gigs won’t grow unless you tend them everyday. Look at how many impressions or views they are getting. Then how many clicks. If people are not ordering the reason is usually trust. Next is price. Next is value compared to your competitors. Trust= your description. Like someone pointed out, if your English is not correct, then people will be hesitant to order. Write a clear description. Price = make it cheap at first. You only want orders to get reviews and establish a good reputation. That is more important than money. Money will come later when you have regular customers and high ratings. Value = how do you compare to your competitors. Search the title words of your gig. See who comes up as results. Look at how the best sellers are packaging and presenting the same service that you are. What will make you stand out? What will make people order? I do things like make my gallery picture very interesting. The text is small, so people who want to read it have to click. Once they click, they see good prices and a very clear description. Then, I respond to them right away if they inquire. All of these things will start the ball rolling for you and get you some sales. Good luck!


True! We need to nurture it and it grows gradually. Nothing is instant at fiverr anymore. You have to regularly improve yourself to be at good position.

webtelly said: Fiverr is like a farm. Your gigs won't grow unless you tend them everyday.
Absolutely true. Things grow best with plenty of 'fertilizer' too. Some of the best sellers spread it on the thickest. ;)


I like what Webtelly pointed out-selling your work for super cheap at first is the best way to get some reviews so you can have a rating. Nobody wants to be the first one to buy something-unless they feel there is something in it for them!


It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it’s promised, but buyers do come back and sometimes even become regulars. It’s important to be very tactful about raising prices. If you sell someone a dozen donuts on Tuesday for $5 and when they come back on Saturday it’s $5 for one, they will go elsewhere.

Adjust prices, but do it carefully.


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