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How to get order on fiverr in 7 days?

I have published my gig a few days ago.But still i did not get order.

Please check my gig for any correction and suggest me how can i get order early.

Here is my gig link:


be patient bro… you should rank your gig… share on social media… active fiverr forum… than i hope you will success


first time everybody say for sharing gig in social media. but how to exactly sharing social media, but nobody say it clearly


Fiverr does not allow the service you are offering. Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Check out this post: Third party TOS violation - Lead Generation


I’m at the same level I think patience is the key

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Totally agree.

Posting meaningless statements with no substance all over the forum is of no benefit to anyone.

Usually posted by new sellers with no sales who are deluded into thinking that posting on the forum will get them orders.

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No one can declare that within 7 days you will get the order. If your gig is well organized and implemented your keyword correctly then you may chance to get the order soon.
Note: In this way you can get an order soon it can take 7 days, a month or a year and that’s the process on Fiverr.
Thank you

be patience brother you will get soon order

Those people are saying a memorized word like a parrot. They actually don’t know how someone benefited by social media sharing.
Lets know about it.

  1. If you share your service in your social media timeline, then it will visible to your friends and family. Will the buy your service? Absolutely not!.
    But you need customer those who need your service. Probably You may unable to find your customer by this way. So I think it is only waste of time.

  2. Social media sharing can be benefited if you can do paid promotion by targeting particular customers who need your service. Then there are some possibilities to get sales.

I see you are working on Facebook marketing. Why are you don’t do marketing your services on Facebook? First, you may apply your service for you, then your client will trust you and you will get sales.


In behalf of the whole Fiverr community we are very sorry for not saying it clearly. Surely you will better than most of us here in terms of social media sharing, you specialize in Facebook ads in your gigs.

Some people never get order.
Be patient. If someone need your service, they will buy your gig. You will get order.
You have written…
" How to get order on Fiverr in 7 days"

Reach out your targeted customers and conveyance them within 7 days to buy your gig. If you can do this within 1 hour, it will be more benefitted for you. Simply you will get an order within this period.

Keep marketing your gig on social media. And be Active. Active Fiverr forum. And Hopefully you will get more orders.

Have a nice day

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There’s no such formula which can guarantee you that you’ll get an order on fiverr. Work harder and try to stay active on fiverr for at least 12 hours daily and always try to present your gig in a unique way so the buyers can get attracted easily.

Best of luck.

You should follow these steps to get orders.

  1. Share your gig on Relevant Marketing groups on facebook. Don’t Spam. Instead help people and they will probably hire you. You can also use QUORA.
  2. Also, Don’t underestimate buyer requests. Keeps sending buyer requests. You will start getting orders soon.
  3. Remain active on Fiverr platform to respond faster to your clients.

Good luck

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I agree with your advice. You have to be patient and be active. We need to share with others and interact with others so that they can learn about what we do.


Be patient, Be active on fiverr. If you have an ideal and optimized gig then will get orders. Send offers everyday to buyer’s requests.

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exactly u got the point. without paid marketing, sharing only gig profile,group i think waste of time.


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@sayeds_graphics, this is my first week on Fiverr and I’m still exploring the features. What are buyer’s requests?