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How to get order on fiverr new gig, VERY QUICKLY?

Hi, everyone i am old in fiverr but now i am creat a new gig. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET ORDER ON FIVERR I AM WATING FOR ORDER FOR MORE THEN 3 MONTH ANY BODY CAN HELP ME.:joy::sleepy:



You can post your gig through fiverr buyer request. And also share your gig with people .


Actually i am level one seller on fiverr,but my gig has been deleted from fiverr unfortunately. then i am create new one but don’t get.

how to do this "through buyer request " thing? please guide!

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From your menu there is more ( last one ) then you have to click buyer request. Once click you can see buyers jobs but some time there is no jobs available. So you click buyer request and check everyday


Once you create new gig there is take few days to visible search engine. But 3 months too late. You check with fiverr help

Ask fiverr hep center to recover your deleted gigs, and also try buyer request i got my 90% of orders from buyer request and i am new here.

thanks for your replay

If you’d like a guide, enter “Buyer Request” in the Fiverr forum search. There are already hundreds of discussions on this.

it possible for my gigs recover

I will see

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Yes I can see, keep share you gig then you get sales

You should try buyer request and also promote your gig in quora or other platforms and also do seo of your gig to rank well on fiverr

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Very good topic. Many users have the same problem.

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Yap, Buyer Request is one way to make things happen. but didn’t work for me yet.

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