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**How to Get Order Quickly on Fiverr New Seller**

Hello my fellow fiverrian, getting order on is something strict
For a newbie to get started on Fiverr or any other platform is kind of frustrating as you don’t know how to get started and generate initial sales. Well, you have to focus on the basics first and making yourself stand-out in the crowd.

Following are some of the tips that can help you rank better and get you initial sales.
Do some research in the category you are going to sell your services in.

  • Make your gigs unique and don’t just copy-paste others.
  • Use Gig videos as gig videos help you get better ranked.
  • Put more than just three images in gig portfolio if you are in the Design niche.
  • Use complete 5 well-researched gig tags.
  • Keep the gig description to the point
  • Share your gigs on social media platforms after publishing.

Additionally, You can follow these steps which will help you get initial sales:

  • Keep your profile complete.
  • Add relevant skills to your profile.
  • Don’t use flashy offers in the gig images of videos.
  • Respond to buyer requests on a daily basis.
  • Stay active via Fiverr’s mobile app or from your PC.
  • Make as many gigs as you are allowed.
  • Use your real profile image.
  • Visit Fiverr Forum and Fiverr academy to get help regarding many topics and inspiration.
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