How to get order


am new to fiverr my gigs didnt have any orders yet … can anyone tell me how to get rank in fiverr search and get orders this is my profile


Welcome to Fiverr!

To get orders, you’re going to have to advertise yourself. While this wasn’t totally necessary in the old version of Fiverr, it’s very necessary in the new version as everyone receives equal attention and so orders are far more spread out.

I advise you to create a few accounts on places like facebook, tumblr, quora and whatnot where you can share links to your profile and advertise yourself properly! Once you start getting orders, hopefully you won’t have to do this as much. Your first order will always be the hardest to get because people are suspicious of ordering from a buyer with little history, but once you have your first order down (with positive feedback), people will be more inclined to order!

  1. make your waiting time as low as possible
  2. add a gig video to bring extra traffic in
  3. advertise, advertise, advertise (on sites that allow it)

    Good luck!