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How to get ordered in new gig


Hi dear friends im export graphics designer i allso have a graphic company a few days ago I create a new gig but i can’t received any order i allos cheq the buyers requests and send the offer but I’m not get any response plz help me dear friends and allso cheq my gig and tell me whats wrong with my gig


Use proper tags, and detailed description.
Add an Attractive gig Image.
I hope this will help you


Plz give me some examples of tags in business cards design gig


search for :business card design and check out some of the tags used by the top results.


Sorry i don’t know what is tags


you may want to read up on things in the Fiverr Academy first.


You can search with the related niches on fiverr search and open any 3-4 top rated gigs, and find the gig tags in the end of there gigs.