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How to get orders and clicks.Some tips for new seller


If you are getting no impressions thus no clicks and orders, then Update Tags.

If you are getting impressions but no clicks and orders, then update Title and thumbnail.

If you are getting impressions as well as clicks but no orders, then improve your description & packages.


No Impressions = Update Tags
Yes Impressions & No Clicks = Update Title & thumbnail
Yes Clicks & No Orders = Update Description & Packages.



Will it really work?


Sure 100% working tips.Thanks


Thanks. Let’s try…


thank you ! good tips for me !


Share your gig on social media and send buyer request then you can get orders and update your gig title or tags or description in some days if you can not get order.


I will try I think it’s working.


yes you can keep it up ! I am also doing it !!


Good Experience Bro.Thank you


Thank you very much for your kind words.


how can i increase my gig impression in twitter and Instagram?


Thank you for your nice advice


Thank you so much !
Good tips, need to try and check.


I think one of the best post for new sellers.


I always wanted to know that, excellent


Thanks for share your experience :smiley:. I will try​:v:


Initially i was facing same problem not getting any order also impression was very poor. Then i was updated my gig with more meaningful project sample image, Videos finally i have successfully get order and increase my impression. I am now happy and wish to get more order.


But changing gig title won’t changed the initial created title of the GIG. So how can we do that?


why not. it changes title everywhere too


Awesome/ I will try it