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How To Get Orders and how I Rank my Gig

I am new at fiverr so kindly guide me how to receive orders. Please review my Gig and let me know if there’s anything which needs improvement. I am waiting your’s positive response. Thanks
Here is my gig link…


Firstly remove your picture from the image and make it more eye-catchy. Then in your description describe about what will you deliver. Not about you. Try to use your keywords in the description.
Thank you


thanks for your opinion but i saw many top rated gigs which having pic on their gig cover photo.

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But your image is not eye-catchy. try to make it more detailing

Hello ma’am, you can use your own picture no problem on that, But need to make an eye catchy design, that attract your buyer.

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ok i again try to make image more eye.catchy.

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Thank for your response.

You need to do some work on your gig image. I like your idea adding own image on gig. You can add a head shot ,that will make some extra space.

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Best Suggestion for user

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thank you @maruf_afridi