How to get orders and improve selling


Hello, how to get orders on my profile. Many clients only send messages but after sometimes they disappears. They don’t accept offers. My question is that how to deal with customers so that they give positive response. Please check my gigs if it needs to improve. Thank you.



Noted your Gig… Your gig descriptions should be more improved there is grammar errors and i prefer if you can hire someone to modify your gig description.

About the Gig images… for the development of android Apps rather than placing a image if you can place a video will be more recommended and you can earn more impressions and views through this. Also on your Gig gallry there you can place another 2 PDF files, take maximum use of it.

About your question of How to get orders and improve selling … this is many times discussed in this forum and many professionals explained many tips which you can search and find.