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How To Get orders And make Gig Impressions High


Hello, I am Nouroj & here is my profile link:
Now my problems are I opened my account last year and did one job for logo designing around 9 months ago, But after that, I haven’t got any order but every day I bidding against buyer request , But unfortunately I didn’t get any order … now I deleted my some gigs ( flyer, brochure, UI design, etc) and created new 2 gigs which are based on logo design… after creating my gigs , my gigs impression were very good but now overall gigs impression are going down and down and haven’t got any order yet …

what should do now ?? PLEASE help me out …



In your gig image you spell “resturant” instead of “restaurant”. Attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off.

Suggest you check all of your gigs and descriptions for spelling errors.

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

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