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How to get orders. Any one can help?

Please help me to get orders.

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Welcome to fiverr. It is not easy for new sellers to make sales.
However, it doesn’t mean you’ll not make sales.

Promote your gig on social media.

I wish you the very best!

you Are there active Fiverr forum minimum 5 hours and continue buyer request 10, and share your gig social media platform.

Thanks. But I have no foreign friend on social media :frowning: But I’ll try my best to promote.
Kindly check my gigs and recommend me any improvement if needed.

Thanks Sumon. I’ll try.

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Most Welcome…:heart_eyes:

This is misleading. You don’t have to participate in the forum to gain orders, and being active here doesn’t help you get orders.

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The forum will help him a lot.

You all are my seniors. :thinking:
Dear somaginer :slightly_smiling_face:
You too give me some suggestion to make selling.

Yeah, but placing a minimum hour limit on it isn’t the way to go. You can be here as much and as little as you want. Some successful sellers never find their way here, and that’s fine too.

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Do a lot of research, and a lot of reading :slight_smile: A self-motivating attitude is your greatest help.

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Thanks. Somaginer. I’ll try my best. :thinking:

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