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How to Get Orders as a New Seller on Fiverr

As a new freelancer on Fiverr it can be frustrating when you refresh your page every now and then searching for that little beautiful pink dot that tells you “You have a new order but you don’t get to see one.” However, there are 4 simple things besides refreshing your page that will be of good help to you.

These 4 things include:

  • Make sure your gig is healthy: Take your time to go through every single statement you used for your gig description, ensure there are no grammatical errors. These errors could easily make a buyer change his/her mind about buying your gig. Check your punctuation, grammar, spelling and entire sentence structure, make sure it is good.

    If you don’t really know how to price your gigs, search for other Fiverr sellers offering the same service you are offering, use their gig as a guide to put yours in order. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!

  • Make use of the buyer request: The buyer request is a good spot to hunt for jobs. Write good proposals, be patient as you might use up your entire 10 offers without getting a single reply. Always read through the entire job post so you know what exactly the buyer needs, this will make your proposals more targeted. The result is a higher chance of getting replies from buyers. NOTE The buyer request section is not a place to advertise your services, you will never get a reasonable reply plus, you stand a good chance of getting banned from Fiverr. :sunglasses:

  • Advertise your gigs: Through your social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media
    outlet you have access to, advertise. This will let people outside the Fiverr community know the services you render. This helps greatly.

  • Invite friends: Inviting a friend can earn you $5, it is a way to start earning before you even get your first order on Fiverr. Also, be a good participant of this forum, help others when you can.

I wish you all the best. Have a nice time ahead. :+1: