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How to get orders as a new seller?

I am a new seller on fiverr. I have created 6 gigs in fiverr. Now I want to get tips from you to get orders.


Market and promote your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer. You can’t expect orders, if you aren’t reaching out to the people who need your services, and showing them where to find you.


Thanks for your kind information…

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Hi @saleh603

I m coming from your profile, i checked it a little. For start, you can make few touches on profile, which could bring you more potential customers.

  1. Try to make some video presentation for GIG. Record yourself or make some white board presentation. If you don’t have skills with video, use some guy from Fiverr. There is a lo nice workers for 5-10$.

  2. Try to make nice SEO for GIG. Choose Keyword and try to use it in Title, Description, Tags, Image name, etc…

  3. I don’t see on site that you used Fiverr tests… When you pass some of them ,you will have badge from the left side on profile. It will help client to see on first look that you have knowledge from that field.

  4. Use Buyer Requests section and try to spend all 10 requests daily. As much requests send, it is more chance to “win”. But, sure, take a look about jobs which are related with your skills.

That will be some advice which could help you to receive some first orders.

Wish you luck!


I’m also facing the same problem. My account is 1.5 month old.

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Thanks, good suggestion for new seller.


It doesn’t matter how old your account is. If you’re not taking the time to connect to your target customers, then you’re probably not going to gain any new orders.


You are welcome! :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask if you need any information.

Hello @positiveboby

Can you check my gigs too?

Have a nice day.

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Cao Ognjene :slight_smile:

I checked it… You describe it really nice. When I read your profile and your GIG description I know what you work, what you can make for me as client. That all looks nice, if you ask me.
How you can improve everything here, there is few more steps.

  1. Try to follow SEO algorithm for your GIGs. Find nice keyword, for example you have - CHRISTMAS POSTER. Add that in Title, GIG description, tags, image name… And make it all BIG letters and BOLD it - like I wrote before.
  2. As I said to other guy in chat, VIDEO is very important thing… If you can’t record yourself, try with some video presentation of your past works, or some whiteboard… Take time, search a little about it.
  3. And again same, spend time to find Buyer Requests related to your skills and make enquiry for them

That is some things which I can advice for now. :slight_smile:

Just keep working, research, learn, take some other test and order will come.

Pozdrav! :sunglasses:


Thanks @positiveboby on your time :smile:

I will implement your advice with bold text right now.
Have a nice day and

Uzdravlje :muscle::sunglasses:

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Thank you so much for your kind information

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thanks you for positive suggestion.

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@positiveboby can you check my gig for me


You started nice with profile and there is maybe few things which you can change.
First, I m not sure that featured image on GIG is all your Logos, some of them i saw on Google. It is better to make Featured image with your past works. Also, it is much better if you can make featured video for GIG.

And try to work on SEO of GIG. A lot about that you will find on Forum, just research a little.

Good Luck!

Baci onda pogled na moje gigove :smiley: vidi jel nesto nedostaje, vidim da imas iskustva sa tim.

I agree with @positiveboby, I have a new account so I want to put some video on my gigs and pess tests for services which I offer to buyers. But I didn’t know for this test badge, that is very important.

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Pozdrav :slight_smile:

I checked your profile. Very nice! I think that you take care about it and go nice thing per thing. In this moment I can’t see any important thing that you miss.
Sure, you are new here, need time to potential buyers catch you. Try to spend all 10 job requests daily for any price. Don’t look at money on start, take care about 5 stars, as much you can collect. Later, money will come, no worry. :slight_smile:


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@positiveboby Can you please tell me the flaws or mistakes in my profile ? Thanks in advance.

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Please stop spamming. You’ve put your gig in MFG,which is great! :slightly_smiling_face:

You could also post your own thread in ‘Improve My Gig’ if you want help.

Well, You make it nice, but i can’t help you a lot about your GIGs. I m in different field of work and can’t be to good to advice you what you could change on your GIGs. Research fro some good freelancers from your work field and check how day build their profiles.

Wish you luck at all!