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How to get orders as amazon virtual assistant

I have created fiverr account as amazon virtual assistant but not got any order yet.


You need to have gigs in order to get orders, I do not see any gigs on your profile. :thinking:


Creating a Gig!


vickiespencer thank you for replying. i have 2 active gigs.

I am looking at your profile right now. There are no gigs! :grimacing:!]

oops. can you please guide me.
I have 2 active gigs.

Click on the “pending approval” tab.

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this is not me dear. my id is with this name { virtualasist_ }

where is this tab. i will be thankful to you if you guide me…??

Want a link to the profile to see the gig?

It is strange that you From name is different from your user name. :thinking:

Okay, so, you have been here since October and do not have any sales. Some sellers get orders quickly, some in a month some in 6 months some never get sales. The Fiverr platform has doubled and even tripled in some niches. This chart might inform you about how much competition you have. :point_down:t2:

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I have moved this to Improve My gig so that you can add your Fiverr profile or gig link to your original post as that is allowed in this category.

The forum has a “glitch” which doesn’t show the extra bit at the end of your username.

You have 2 active gigs.


It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to start building your business.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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help plz. get some suggesion

@vickiespencer Why am I getting an alert for this post? I have nothing to do with this topic.


I do not see where anyone @ed you!

@vickiespencer just another bug then.

Pretty much.