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How to get orders fast?

Hi Everyone!
I made a gig a month ago and added all necessary information in my gig. But i have not received a single order. I am very upset.
Should I make multiple gigs for single skill of WordPress??
Please give me your precious suggestions.


I am waiting from 4 months & still i am not receiving any order


I’ve just opened an account and I hope I will not have to wait long for the order :slight_smile: I keep my fingers crossed for you
How can I find your offers?


@shahidhayat213 Yes You can do.


I wish you all the best! :+1::+1:
Good luck in your journey
You can see my profile
And offers at

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So sad to hear that but don’t lose heart!
Keep on struggling and one day you will get it.

You delivered your order just 6 days ago with 5 star review

Actually it is possible to get order as quick as possible by:
-Promoting your gigs on social media ( Twitter, Instagram, facebook) using hashtag(#) so your gigs-can be relevant.
-Naming your uploaded pictures, better to pick up a name related to the gig for more relevance from google search
-Making sure you satisfy completely your clients so they can give you positive reviews.


How do you know??

Thank you so much for your kind information.
This is very helpful. I ll try to adopt these methods to promote my gig.

You should Use Social Media Platform to promote your gigs that the best idea.

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Bro You need to try to active All time and share your gig different Social site. You can See more gig and there description and gig image then you make a new gig with attractive Image. I hope then you get order.

Thankx a lot @sakil870 !
That was helpful.

How can i improve gig

Did you read fiverr TOS? Because when you signed up on fiverr you ticked the box that you read, understood and agreed for fiverr terms and conditions

Anyway, it’s clearly said that creating multiple gigs on single skill or duplicating gigs is not allowed on fiverr and can get you a warning.
More than that creating more gigs doesn’t mean you will have more orders.

I would recommend you to read TOS again to avoid getting into trouble.