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How to get orders for cheapest Flight, Food and Stay around the world

Hi Friends,

I just created my profile on Fiverr and i am helping the people to find out the cheapest Flight, Food and Stay around the world.

Can anybody help me, how i can promote my profile to attract clients to get my service.

Looking forward to your kind response.



Cool, I know how to use skyscanner as well, but did you know it’s not as effective as it once was and all the cool people now use a secret site that only top professionals use? I also know how to use couchsurfing and shop in cheap supermarkets.

Rethink the business plan.

Hi Emmaki

I am so glad that you have good idea about Skyscanner, Couchsurfing and cheap markets too but i am not dependent on these programs due to its ineffectiveness. i am directly connected with people and organisations working genuinely on these stuff to meet the customer requirements.

Thanks for your comment.