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How to get orders from Buyers' request(At least 3/4 per day)?


As a fiverr sellers for more than 3 years I have gathered some knowledge that I am gonna share with you specially with new sellers. Now a days fiverr become very strict and its really hard to make sell as a new sellers. For new sellers I will recommend to use buyers request and send all 10 offers daily, that is the easiest way to get orders.
Here are the list of things you need to do–

1)Greetings them with their name/username:

Instead of calling them “Hi,dear”/“Hi, Friend”, I would suggest you to use username/name. It will make you stand out from rest of the sellers.

Now the point is how do you find buyer’s name? its simple, grab any keyword from the request, example if the request is something like “I need a lionhead logo for my business…”, your keyword will be “LIONHEAD”. Now open fiverr app on your phone, go to buyers’ request and search for the keyword, you will get the request with his name, in fiverr mobile app username is not hidden.

2) Read the request carefully_(Most important)_:

It is the most important part . Read the request carefully and again grab some keyword like “RED LOGO/FLAT/ROUNDED” etc and mention in your offer with capital letter so that it grab the attention of buyer. Or if the request has any attachment download it and grab any key point from the image and let the buyer know that you have checked the attachment.

3) Offer a less amount than his/her budget:

As a new sellers when you dont have any reviews or very less reviews dont be greedy, dont go with bigger order. Always target buyer with $5-$10, and offer them for say $6-$9. Send the offer with amount that is not multiplier of $5, it may sound like funny but it works. Like how the product price is set to $699 instead of $700 just to manipulate human psychology. Also dont be so cheap.

4)Avoid using long sentences:
Keep your offer description as short as possible but descriptive too. You dont have to use whole 1500 char, complete it within 300 char maximum 500 chars. Cause buyer will not spent even 10 sec to read your request.


I was applying these trick when I had recessions, at that time I had 400+ reviews but still I was not able to make new orders. Hope this will work for you too. You will start getting orders soon. Good Luck for your future.

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These are excellent advice. I’d add don’t be in a hurry. Buyers typically wait few hours to even a day or two to hire. Being 1st to bid won’t get you the job, doing it right will. :slight_smile:


nice , fantastic tips thanks for sharing, :hugs:


Thanks for sharing, will keep that in mind.


Lovely. Thanks for sharing!!


I’ve used Buyers Request section a few times as a buyer, and I can tell you I delete inmediately all the offers I get when I can tell a seller sends a copy-paste letter. As a buyer, if I use Buyers Request I expect the seller to offer me a personalized reply with his/her habilities and how is he/she going to solve my problem.


Interesting to know. Thanks for sharing


Thank you guys for enlighten us. Am happy I came here


I do this ! I don’t use all my offers daily though, sometimes buyers reply a day or so later.


it’s very good for new seller


I have sent out my first 10 still waiting to hear from them :frowning:


Yah, thats correct. For experiment purpose once I have submitted buyer request and wanted to see how sellers react with the request. Most of the seller (almost ~95%) just saying the same thing, like they have copied some sentences and reply with same text for every request. Thats why I have mentioned to add some keyword with the request or mention anything just to let the buyer know that I have paid attention to your request.


yah you are right. Once I have posted a request just to see how sellers react with the request. Most of the sellers came with some copy paste text, they never paid attention what I have asked for. But there were few sellers who had personalized their request.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


really helpful trick…:sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing this knowledge


That’s Good Keep Sending hopfully you will get Jobs


Thanks for your Best tips.

It is very Precious tips for me. as I a new seller I will try to all ten request to the buyer.

Thank You again.


I have One Question

Which requests are effective for the buyers? who gives him first response after sending their request or wait for some good response?


it might helps too, i have posted this last year