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How to get orders from Buyers' request(At least 3/4 per day)?


I agree with you…Also i want to add something more…" Everybody should ask some questions which is relevent to the byer request. Like if someone need a business card design then you can ask him, " Do you have any choice?" Like that. It will differ you from others."


Mice tips. Thanks for sharing theese valuable tips.


Thanks bro. It’s really a good tips. I will try to follow this.


to be real real honest, I do have a canned text for all my offers, but it includes everything a buyer needs to know, # or revisions, $ price, delivery time.
before joining Fiverr I had some experience publishing in the small indie press in USA and UK so I mention that as well with some links to my social media, and links where that work has been published.
I have done very well this year (I’m actually surprised because I didn’t know about Fiverr and didn’t have much faith in it) you can actually see where I started to put some effort in this graphic.
and I think I’ll be level two seller by maybe march or april 2018.
I don’t do offers when I know I can deliver on time or it’s something I wouldn’t enjoy to draw, or isn’t my area of expertise (comics, graphic design, cartoons) , I think that’s important too, I only have 3 gigs active and I stick with them (so far).
if anyone would like to see my profile and offer some advice, that would be cool!


Thanks for the tips. Just one question. Can you tell us why should we offer less? People are probably doing this already so I’m not sure if I’m gonna “stand out”. Also cheap services are expected to be of low quality. Everyone knows that. At least that’s what the average buyer thinks. Just some basic psychology. Cheers.

P.S. The short description advice is very on point.


Thanks for the tip. I like it :heart_eyes: and I will try it too.


Great tips, thanks a lot


Many Many THANKS For Your Tips.


Really it’s a very helpful blog.thank you


When you are targeting a buyer with $5-$10 and offering them $6/$7, believe me you are not the cheap one. There will be plenty of sellers who had already offered him/her the service for $5. Also it depends on the buyer, some buyer wants everything for just $5.


Fantastic Advice Sir! That is why you are killin it!


Thank you so much for this kind information :sunglasses::sunglasses:


waw, such a useful tips, thanks for sharing your knowledge


I am new seller, tanx for your tips it’s helpful for me i will follow your tips…


Thanks for sharing this


thanks for sharing your idea


Nice tips! but offering less amount from the budget is something we should not do
We should charge according to our skills and experience


wow very nice tips:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Really informative regarding orders for new buyers.


Great tips
Thanks for sharing with us