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How to get orders from LinkedIn

Hi,(this is a long read but i am pouring my entire strategy here and i hope it helps you)

Although i am not working on fiverr regularly as i used to do before and i am not promoting my gigs anymore but i am getting all my clients through social media platforms. The trick is to not hard sell. Let me explain.

The thing is that Linkedin is by far the best social media platform out there but you have to be really tactful to convert leads from there.

You will find the finest quality of leads there but you have to pin point who you want to target and use their search features or hire a virtual assistant to do it for you and connect with your target audience (i know quite a cliche thing to say) but yeah literally. e.g if you are a book cover editor you won’t find any results connecting with other book cover editors but you may find quality leads connecting with indie authors or self publishing authors.

Secondly if your services are more entrepreneur centric than try joining Facebook groups with female entrepreneurs (just search this on fb search) or search women helping women.

Now that the hardest part of finding your target audience and connecting with them is sorted let’s discuss on how to actually make it work.

Don’t hard sell, meaning don’t just post your link and expect people to click and order your services.

It does not work like that on social media, i was watching an episode of young sheldon a few days back where georgie tries to become a salesman, at first he just takes his product and goes from door to door and telling people to buy that(it was a snow globe). Guess the reaction, a door slam right to the face. The second time he did not straight away sell his products he tried to make a connection first. Listened to them talked about their problems and then according to every situation shaped the product story as per their problems. Results(all sold out).

So in short to succeed on social media there are three things (know, like and trust).
Here are few of the tips to achieve that,

  1. Your own professional headshot as a profile picture:
    Just a professional headshot is going to add so much value to your profile.

    Make it front facing and smiling and confident. To instil trust and confidence

  2. Don’t just post memes and random stuff, post valuable stuff that your target audience wants to see or that addresses their problems.

  3. Post your best work every now and then to show your best craft and skills.

  4. Engage with their posts, the best way to make a long lasting impact is to make a meaningful comment.

  5. Dont spam your links in thier DMs.

  6. Reply to comments on your posts asap.

Make your posts as per your target audience, don’t hesitate to show yourself every now and then to assure people that it is a real person behind these posts. And then just place a link at the bottom of your posts to let them know you provide the service that they could need some day or someone they know might need some day.

Engage with their content, slide into their DMs make connections, build a referral systems. Meaning connect with super connectors(ones with more than 3000 connections.

I recommend hiring a lead generation expert as well and trust me it will change your life. But it’s up to you it’s take it or leave it sort of advise​:heart::heart: Hope this helps.


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Sorry this part is for women, as this post was originally made for a lady, but you can make similar searches to find your target audience. The trick is to identify your audience first and then targeting them on different social media platforms.


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