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How to get orders here


Can any body help me in improving my gigs and getting orders.


you have ONE GIG, you do not have gigS.


Go to “Fiverr Academy” you will find evry detail under that. Including video tutorial.
This can be found on the bottom of your page


Hi, you have lots of competition in your niche, if you can´t make your gig stand out to buyers who use the search function against other sellers’ gigs somehow, you should definitely keep an eye on the Buyer Requests all the time, so if something shows up which you could do you´ll be among the first who send an offer, to get first buyers and reviews.

If you`re not acquainted with it yet, you can find basic information on the Buyer Request feature in my post here:

and then read some forum posts that focus on how to make a successful offer to a BR, e.g. this one by ayafalls (or use the forum search function top right, also useful for other tips for improving gigs):

Also, maybe consider ordering a proofreading gig from an English native speaker who offers such to make sure your profile and gig description are perfect.

Your gig description is very short - as long as you don´t have any reviews, you only have your profile and gig description to convince a buyer to order your gig, so make the best use of it, tell them why they should choose you out of all the logo designers. And rethink your unlimited revisions and money back and 100% perfection guarantee (2x in the description btw), maybe, seems a bit too much of a good thing and might attract rather the wrong kind of buyers instead of the right ones, judging from many forum posts on such matters.

Good luck!


Buyer requests is nutshell,just ppl advertise them self and few old request which are already picked up by sellers who use bots,so they can contact buyers faster,than the others.


That might be your experience/opinion, and probably it varies by category, but while there are a lot of sellers advertising and sometimes not many new BRs in my category too, I got some very good gigs, (repeat) customers, reviews through BR, certainly beats doing nothing, if you just have one gig/niche and don´t have any sales and reviews yet. If you have better tips for him than what has already been shared, feel free to tell, that´s what this thread is about, after all.


You can promote your gigs via social media :slight_smile:


thanks miiila…:slight_smile: