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How to get orders if your gigs are not ranking?

Hello to everyone,

I am new to Fiverr and i am selling my translation services.
Can anyone advise me how it is possible to get orders if my gigs are not ranking?
(Ie: I can’t even find them amongst the listings let alone anywhere in decent position).

Will it all depend on Seo and is that what i need to focus on?
It does not matter how good you are at your job if customers can not find you!

Below is my profile:


Hi Jenny, you can promote your gig/gigs on different social platforms. I’ve not been here for that long, but I know. it takes time for new gigs to rank on fiverr. The quickest way to get your first order is by practicing the former or by writing proposals to buyers request.


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That’s patently untrue.

This is why people post their gigs repeatedly on social media. It doesn’t work, period, let alone is it not “the quickest way” to get an order.

Don’t try to get leads on social media unless you understand how that actually happens. It does NOT happen by posting your gig. Why do people keep saying this?

Hi @david4473 and @humanissocial
Thanks for your replies.
In my case, the service I’m selling is Translation Services so there really isn’t a “set category” of people/social media accounts that I could market to by posting on Instagram.
Also, if done the wrong way, it could come off as spam and a nuisance.


Would you have any advice?
For some reason my gigs are not visible at all (not even on 15 page down etc).